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Protect. Connect. Secure. Solve.
And you don't even have to
leave the house.

Swift Onsite Solutions is the one-call answer to all of your PC needs.
Whether it's a call for help, an upgrade, network or training, our professionals have the solution to any aspect of your IT structure - at the office or at home - at an affordable price.

Failures to communicate? We fix those.
Many computer problems are simply failures to communicate. Printer stops talking to computer. Hard drive stops communicating entirely. Wired network needs to communicate securely with wireless. Just communicate with us, and we'll send a pro out to work on making everything right.

Safe navigating through perilous times.
Spyware. Malware. Viruses. Identity theft. We'll bring you the most up-to-date ways to protect yourself from the perils of the interconnected world. And on those rare occasions when something wicked does get through the wall, we'll help detect and remove, and recover data when needed.

Best of all...we come to you.
When a problem does occur, the last thing you want to worry about is disconnecting, lifting and lugging your computer out, then waiting in line for someone to tell you they'll get to it when they can. We won't make you do that. After getting the details over the phone, we'll arrive at your office or home with all the tools needed to get the job done - no need for you to crawl or stretch or lift.

We'll come by for the fun stuff too.
Life isn't all about solving problems. Sometimes there's just something new - a network to assemble, a digital camera to check out, a new program to install and learn. We can help with that too. One person or a group, our training experts will have you up and running in no time.

Did you know
We also sell computer equipment and peripherals, often at prices that beat the "big box" retailers? Check out our specials and line card.

We're also Microsoft and HP Business Partners!
Ask about our economical packages with HP computers and printers and Genuine Microsoft products.


Buy a custom built PC
from us
with Windows Vista
and get a lot of
free stuff from Microsoft!
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Also get discounts and rebates
on pre-installed software.

Swift Onsite Solutions offers PC sales and computer repair services to small and medium businesses in the Baltimore, Harford and Howard areas of Maryland.

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